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Dragon-Marked War God Wikia

Alchemy (pill-concocting/herbs/botany): He was an old pill concocting monster before reincarnating; the best in all of the Saint Origin realm. He can even easily concoct saint level pills with at least 90% effectiveness. He has a profound knowledge of pill concocting, plants, and knows a plethora of pill formulas.

  1. -  Basic restoration pills can easily be concocted to 100% efficiency and he can produce a tiger restoration pill, heavenly torrent pill, flaming pill, five elemental pill, profound nine/six sun solar pill, nine soul restoration pill, yellow soul pill, poison pill, and a nine solar-lightning dragon pill (he knows how to concoct an abundant amount of pills from memory, but these are a very minute amount of the ones named).
  2. -  He merged his soul with the soul of Jiang Chen after reincarnating and has more soul power now than normal people.
    • -  Can maximize pill production with minimal ingredients.
    • -  Can synthesize pills to increase efficiency.
    • -  Profound alchemy techniques to increase success and speed of pill concoction.


It is one of the most important and most respected professions since only an alchemist is capable of creating pills for anything: Poison, Recovery, etc.

Alchemist Level

Mortal Realm - Saint Orgin world

There are four Ranks of Alchemists:

  1. Mortal
  2. Earth
  3. Heaven
  4. Saint

Each Rank divided into four tiers:

  • Low
  • Mid
  • High
  • Peak


  • Restoration Pills - (Ch 10)
  • Tiger Restoration Pill - (Ch 17)
  • Soul Refining Pill - (Ch 35)
  • Cleansing Pill - (Ch 37)
  • Yellow Soul Pill - (Ch 115)
  • Heavenly Torrent Pill - (Ch 115)
  • Flaming Pill - (Ch 115)
  • Revival Pill - (Ch 123)
  • Five Elemental Pill - (Ch 135)
  • Profound Nine Solar Pill - (Ch 167)
  • Profound Six Solar Pill - (Ch 187)
  • Resurrection Pill - (Ch 216)
  • Profound Six Sun Solar Pill
  • Profound Nine Sun Solar Pill
  • Nine Soul Restoration Pill - (Ch 296)
  • Poison Pill
  • Nine Solar-Lightning Dragon Pill