An old monk sitting with his eyes closed. He wore a pale yellow robe that looked tattered, but his body was emitting a shimmer of luster. He looked as if he was a hundred years old. His back bent a little forward. His face was full of loose skin and wrinkles.

When he was facing his heavenly tribulation, he told his disciples that he would fail because of a treasure he had. He said he would not be dead, it would only seem like he was. Ran Feng and Jiang Chen believes that he is held prisoner at the Saint Origin Palace. And it is correct, more importantly, he was held inside Desolate palace in a separate spatial zone sealed by an immortal. With the help of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, Jiang Chen was able to bypass and finally meet his old friend again.

It was then revealed that when Jiang Chen fell, he went into seclusion and found an immortal mark. This mark made it possible for immortals to deceive the heavens and not be sent to the immortal world. Even if Greenlotus have not given in at all, the aura from the mark was enough to deceive the heavens, but they had to stay close, so they were all hiding inside the Desolate Palace. Trough 100 years, none of the immortals from the desolate palace had ascended. They had nurtured geniuses and given them immortal qi to cultivate to make them strong enough to dominate the whole saint origin realm.


  • In Jiang Chen’s past life, he was the strongest man after Jiang Chen. (Ch. 535)
  • He was the 1st man to travel to the Immortal World. (so people thought)
  • He is the reincarnation of a Supreme Buddha. (Ch. 2016)


Cultivation Chapter
Half-Step Human Immortal (?) 969
Peak Half-Step Human Immortal 1048
Immortal Sovereign - 6th Grade 2016
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