• One of the four superpowers in the Liang Province
  • It's composed of 13 tycoon, a martial palace chief and sect elder.
  • It was the first sect Jiang Chen offended when he came to the Divine Continent
  • Jiang Chen saved Tan Lang in the Southern Continent who turned out to be a disciple of the sect, but after he became enemy with them they tortured Tan lang for information about Jiang Chen (he didn't reveal anything) then he was thrown into the hell freezing jail.
  • Jiang Chen disguised himself as one of the disciple of the sect and infiltrated the freezing jail to save his friend he was able to get him out thanks to his Heavenly Retribution but he was gravely injured and was saved by Big Yellow and Tyrant.

Palace Chief

Li Tianyang - the mighty Combat Emperor


Chang Qing

Tan Lang

Xu Qing

Huo Wei

Li Hao

Li Dong

Xiu Rui

Elder Liu

13 Tychoons

Xiao Nanfeng

Second Tycoon, Zhang Liang. He is an Eighth Grade Combat King

Wen Hua was actually the Sixth Tycoon Fifth Grade Combat King realm ch. 527

Eighth Tycoon Ling Yi Fourth Grade Combat King

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