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Dragon-Marked War God Wikia

"Boy, what did you just say? Kid, how dare you say I’m fat? Fuck, I’m bulk. Do you know what bulk muscles are? If you only said that I was fat, then I would spare you, but how dare you say that I, your father, am delicate? Which part of I, your father, looks delicate? How can I, your father, be delicate? Fuck, how dare you say that I, your father, am delicate? Enough is enough, today I’ll eat you for sure! I’ll eat you!" ― Big Yellow


This being is covered by golden fur all over. It looked like a horse, but at the same time, a dog. The body was stout and much stronger than an ordinary dog, but if compared to an ordinary horse, it was much smaller. After further examination, it truly did look like a dog.

Human Form

A young man in a cloak. He seemed around the age of fifteen or sixteen. He had a handsome look and a pair of dazzling golden eyes. The golden waves of qi that were fluttering his cloak made him look incredibly mystical.[1]


He is foul mouthed, narcissistic and cruel, yet loyal. A clever but shameless dog, he can sense treasures, has a large breadth of knowledge, and has a strong dragon horse bloodline. He follows Jiang Chen almost everywhere.

His personality is extremely crude and he is often the butt of fart and excrement jokes.


  • He possesses 4 pieces of the broken Immortal Executing Sword. It was the Immortal King's Execution's magical treasure, a soldier of the Great Sovereign. (Recast #1320)
  • it was later reveled that his past self was a young Demon Sovereign who was more powerful compared to the average Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns. [1]
  • He was Known as The Great Demon Sovereign Dragon Sun. [3]
  • His human form is more handsome than Jiang Chen's
  • In the past, Immortal Execution King, Great Sovereign Zang Xian and Big Yellow were good friends. The reason Big Yellow can control the Immortal Execution Sword is because the sword had been infused with his blood. [3]