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Dragon-Marked War God Wikia

He is the Black Sect's Chief, cultivator at the late divine core stage and is the most mysterious person in the Black Sect. no one knows his real name, as all the previous black sects leaders called him black daoist.


There was a big chair, and a man wearing a white robe sitting on it. He looked to be in his forties. Of course, his real age was definitely more than that, he is a tall man. His angular face had a majestic expression.


He had worries over Nanbei Chao, which dimnished as he witnessed Jiang Chen potential. he gave a punishment for killing an sect elder to erase the blood moon devil. It was all a pretence so Jiang Chen could get stronger. while Jiang Chen was gone, Yan Chenyu was attacked, almost dying because both he and Guo Shan began cultivating, leaving her vulnerable. As he felt guilty over dissapointing Jiang Chen, Black Daoist didnt punish Jiang Chen for killing Fan Kun. Instead sending Fan Zhongtang to face the wall for a month for not being a "proper replacement as a sect leader". he showed clearly whose side he is on, showing deep concerns when Jiang Chen wanted to go to Inferno Hell. He later broke through the Combat Soul Early Stage.


  • Daoist Black was the strongest man within the Black Sect. His cultivation realm was at the peak of the Divine Core realm, only one step away from the Combat Soul realm.


Cultivation Chapter
Divine Core - Late Stage 113
Combat Soul - Early Stage 425