The Black Sect is first sect joined by Jiang Chen in his second life.

The Black Sect was located in the north of the Qi Province. It was a land with splendid mountain ranges and tall mountain peaks. The natural Yuan energy was rich on top of the mountain. The mountains were surrounded by light fog all year long. This place truly gave off a holy and noble feeling.

This mountain range was called the Black Mountains. Countless mountain peaks spread across the top of the Black Mountain.

It was said that the founder of the Black Sect had discovered an underground energy vein here, therefore, he occupied this place and established the eternally prosperous Black Sect.

Black Formation

Black Sect's defensive formation.

A formation like this was actually quite similar to the Green Sanctuary Sect’s Gargantuan Formation. They were both formations that helped guard the sect, but after being strengthened by Daoist Black and Granny Feng, its power had become even greater.

The Gargantuan Formation could only channel everyone’s energies to a single person, but the Black Formation could actually move the energy anywhere, and focus all the energy to a single spot. This meant that the force of the formation was everywhere. Wherever the enemies attacked, the force would move to that spot.

This formation was created with the help of the underground energy vein, it was the perfect formation to guard a sect.

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