Brilliant Mirror is one of the guarding treasures of Nebula Sect. It is an inherited treasure and also a very powerful Minor Saint weapon which has already reached the peak state. It consists of souls that also existed in legendary Great Saint weapons. This treasure has always been used to scan the newcomers hidden motives. There isn’t any other use for it. It’s not because the Brilliant Mirror had no other uses, but rather, no one was able to control it.

This mirror symbolizes brilliance and divinity, it represents righteousness. If anyone from the devil religion or evil sect obtain this mirror, they won’t be able to wield it. Furthermore, the mirror would also deal a huge blow to the devils. The strongest power of this mirror is its counter attack. It can fully reflect your opponent’s attack back to him. If your opponent is a devil, the mirror’s attacking power would be doubled, which made it terrifying.

It was finally subdued by Jiang Chen.

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