The Craftsman God was a peerless supreme refiner, but he had already fallen 7.3 million years ago. He had been an arrogant man throughout his lifetime, and he was unwilling to pass away in the world. That’s why he established this divine treasury in the Divine Tomb.

In the past, the Craftsman God was truly a supreme master in the Divine World. Although his strength was just at the Middle Divine Emperor realm, no one under the God Emperor realm was his match. He had the title ‘number-one emperor’ under the heavens! Even God Emperors would show him respect as he was the peerless supreme refiner under the heavens. It’s imaginable how formidable and respectable he was. At the end, however, the Craftsman God still encountered misfortune, but no one knew what was the reason behind. Divine Emperors had grieved for the fall of the Craftsman God and even God Emperors heaved a sigh for his death. However, the Craftsman God had built up this Divine Treasury before dying. Many of the Divine Emperors have been eager to have a look on his great legacy. Unfortunately, those from Divine World are forbidden to enter the Divine Tomb. Even the God Emperor is forbidden. That’s the law of the Divine Tomb as it’s the place where the divine souls stayed. Under the heavens, everyone is looking for the inheritance of the Craftsman God.

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