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Realm Description
Saint Origin World (Mortal World)
1 Qi Jing Collect the Qi in the air and store it in the body to strengthen the body (Muscle, Bones, Veins, Organs).
2 Qi Hai Collect the Qi in the air and store it in the body to make a Qi sea in the Dantian.
3 Mortal Core The Qi sea becomes a small core in the Dantian called Mortal Core.
4 Heavenly Core The Mortal Core grows and strengthens creating a Heavenly Core, In this stage, the cultivator can control the elements in the air and fly.
5 Divine Core The Heavenly Core grows and strengthens Creating a Divine Core, In this stage, the cultivator can control elements with a better affinity.
6 Combat Soul The Combat Soul realm is the most critical step for all warriors, and it is also the most difficult step. When stepping into this realm, the Divine Core will transform into a real Combat Soul, completely breaking away from the foundation realm.
7 Combat King When a Peak Combat Soul warriors comprehend the Dimensional Power, the Combat Soul will transform once again and will start carrying King’s Aura. At that point in time, one will be a real Combat King warrior. In this realm, the Qi Sea in the warrior’s body will become a dimension by itself, and the warrior won’t need to use a storage ring any longer, as he can just place all his items within the Qi Sea.
8 Combat Emperor  Extension of the Combat King Realm.
9 Minor Saint Can use Saint magic and control Saint laws. To enter the realm of the lesser saint, one has to go through three minor celestial tribulations.
10 Great Saint To enter the Realm of the Great Saint, one must go through Six Intermediate heavenly tribulations.
Immortal Realm (Immortal World)
11 Human Immortal Must suffer nine great heavenly tribulations (Only in the mortal world).
12 Earth Immortal Extension of the Human Immortal Realm.
13 Heaven Immortal The cultivator can control the elements (of the Immortal World) in the air and fly.
14 Divine Immortal The cultivator can control the elements with a better affinity.
15 Golden Immortal Also called Great Luo Golden Immortal.
16 Immortal King Able to manipulate the spatial laws of the Immortal World (Immortal Kings and superiors are truly immortals).
17 Immortal Emperor Extension of the Immortal King Realm.
18 Immortal Venerable
19 Immortal Sovereign Can manipulate sovereign laws. In the barbaric world, they are called barbarian sovereigns.
God Realm (Divine World)
20 Void God / Nihility God They lose immortality and become mortal again.Lifespan: 500 years.
21 True God / Real God Lifespan: Over 500 years.
22 Heavenly God Lifespan: 5.000 years, that's the limit if they don't break through.
23 Divine King / God King The God King recover his true immortality
24 Hierarch / God Venerate
25 Divine Emperor / God Sovereign
26 God Emperor
27 God Ancestor
28 Heavenly King
29 Rebirth
30 Divine Spirit This Realm is attained only by those who surpass the divine world. In the eternal world this level is equivalent to level 9 of the Realm of origin.
Eternal Realm (Supreme World)
31 Origin To reach the realm of origin it is necessary to absorb the energy of the origin of the eternal world (natives of the eternal world). those from other universes need to convert their energy into energy of origin. just as Jiang Chen did with his Divine Energy, transforming it into energy of origin.
32 Mortal Origin
33 Earthly Origin
34 Heavenly Origin
35 Star Lord
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