• Dan Prefecture was the most important department in Genius Prefecture. The condition of its recruitment was harsh. Every disciple who wants to enroll must not only have an incomparably powerful concoction technique, but must also have an incomparably powerful combat strength.

To put it bluntly, the people that Dan Prefecture wanted were those twisted ones. So, every time a person took part in the examination, that person must meet those two conditions – alchemy and combat strength. The candidate couldn’t lack either of them. This was the reason why there were so few people in Dan Prefecture, however, every one of them was an abnormal being, and the most elite of Genius Prefecture.

Dan Prefecture had the best cultivation resources, countless superior spiritual herbs and was the core department of Genius Prefecture and even the whole Great Qian Empire. It supported the supply of high-ranking pills to Great Qian Empire.

Naturally, there weren’t many alchemists in Genius Prefecture. Amongst countless of geniuses, only a few of them could be recruited. Joining Dan Prefecture was their most important goal and also a dream, because they knew very well that once they entered Dan Prefecture, their status and honour would surely skyrocket. (Ch. 1493)

  • Dan Prefecture is a department for special existences in Genius Prefecture. A high and mighty place that only powerful alchemists are qualified to enter. Every time Dan Prefecture recruits disciples, the quota is restricted to only one. Naturally, the standard of selecting their candidate is also extremely harsh. Those who want to participate in the examination must not only have a superb concoction technique, but must also have an incredible combat strength. One must be extremely outstanding in both areas before they can be chosen by Dan Prefecture. (Ch. 1494)
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