• Dark shadow is an assasination organization
  • The assassins of this organization can be found everywhere in the Divine Continent.
  • they were first hired by Tian Yi Men of the heavenly sect to kill Jiang Chen, but they failed. ch.651
  • 5th Grade Combat Emperor Ch 668
  • 9th Grade Combat Emperor Ch 719
  • Half-Step Great Saint (Elder of Dark Shadow) Ch 882 - killed by Shi Han.
  • 2nd Grade Great Saint (Elder of Dark Shadow) and Earth Devil Beast Ch 894
  • Later on they were annihilated by Jiang Chen, Peacock King, Lion Yan, Big Yellow, Earth Devil Beast and 3rd Grade Great Saint Devil (slave) after he promoted to 8th Grade Minor Saint (Chapter 903 - 906)


Moon Pavilion in Green Fluorescent City.

  • powerful First Grade Minor Saint guarding the stronghold.


  • Earth Devil Beast:“There are thirteen Great Saint experts in the Dark Shadow. Excluding me and the one that i just killed, there are eleven left. The general is a mighty Fifth Grade Great Saint. There are two Fourth Grade Great Saints, three Third Grade Great Saints and the remainder are either Second Grade Great Saint or First Grade Great Saint.” (Ch. 896)
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