Yang Junlong:"The horrifying beings that live there aren’t the ones making Desolate Ancient Land a dangerous place. Desolate Ancient Land had been under the control of the Barbarian World even before the formation of Sovereign Domain. According to others, the great war that happened here was much more intense compared to the war in Golden Horizon, many unparalleled Barbarian Sovereigns had fallen in that war. The existence of Sovereign Domain is mainly to hinder the Barbarian Race from entering the Immortal World through Desolate Ancient Land. That’s to say, Desolate Ancient Land is still the territory of the Barbarian World.

And due to the existence of Sovereign Domain, the situation in Desolate Ancient Land is closely monitored by the Barbarian Race. Any powerful expert from Sovereign Domain will be discovered by the moment they landed on Desolate Ancient Land. So we have to make sure that we don’t let any barbarians find out about us, otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable. Even with my strength, my chance of survival is minimal. Furthermore, the barbarians are always keeping a sharp lookout for Great Sovereigns. Thus, I must conceal my qi and enter the land unnoticeably. I won’t launch any attack unless I have no other choice. Unlike me, the cultivation base of you two are way below the Immortal Sovereign realm, so the barbarians won’t pay any attention to you at all".

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