Dragon-Marked War God Wikia
Dragon-Marked War God Wikia

JC is from here in previous life[1]

Key points

  • Eight major forbidden areas
  • The Divine Continent is divided into eight major regions according to these eight forbidden areas.
  • They were Heaven Domain, Earth Domain, Xuan/Profound/Mysterious Domain, Yellow Domain, Qian Domain, Kun Domain, Vertical Domain and, Transverse/Western Domain.
  • There were some names which were created because of their specific location such as the Vertical Domain and the Transverse Domain. Transverse Domain was also named as Western Domain, the holy land of Buddha Sect.
  • Divine Continent (Pure Land)

Earth Domain

  • Wang Family
  • Huang Family

Vertical Domain

  • Heavenly Yuan Sect

Eight Forbidden Places in Divine Continent

Death Mountain

The Immortal Possessive Mountain -Immortal’s possession lied beneath the mountain but those who entered in search for the Immortal’s treasure died within. Only a few of them came out, but they had all turned mad.