Dragon-Marked War God Wikia
Dragon-Marked War God Wikia

The Divine World has nine regions and eighteen counties.

There are Dongsheng, Western Extremity, Nantong, Northern Cold, Restricted Area, Ancient Divine Region, Desolate Divine Region, Earth Divine Region and lastly, the Central Region Divine Land! In terms of the eighteen counties, some are inside the Divine Region but some counties exist independently.

Those who are under the True God Realm would be mortals forever. You might have never heard of this before. If you break through the True God Realm, you will have five hundred years to live. If you reach the Heavenly God Realm and manage to condense the Divine Spark, you will have five thousand years to live. When one reaches the Divine King Realm, he will be immortal. However, those who are under the True God Realm are actually not that different from a mortal. Talented cultivators with great fortune or those who know how to use divine elixirs to prolong their life might be able to live a few hundred years more. However, those who are under the True God Realm will never be able to live more than five hundred years.


“The grades of medicinal pills are separated into five grades, High Grade is quite okay. Supreme Grade is rare, Immortal Grade is extremely treasured. Divine Grade will be one of a kind. As for Saint Grade Pills, rumours are that it had never appeared in the Divine World before, it’s just what an alchemist crave.” 

Nine Regions

Northern Cold Divine Region
Western Extremity Divine Region
Central Region Divine Land

Eighteen Counties

Lone Dragon County
Xuanyuan County
Zhelong County


  • The youngest God Emperor was over 270.000 years old. (Ch. 2380)