Eastern Profound Domain has six great Immortal Sects, three great Empires and two great Aristocratic Families. That place is overflowing with geniuses. There are too many geniuses amongst the eleven major powers.

The two great aristocratic families are Zhuge and Nanbei Aristocratic Family. These two great families act as a counterweight to the other empires and immortal sects. Obviously, there are mighty Immortal Venerables guarding those major powers. As for the three great empires, they are namely Great Qian Empire, Great Cloud Empire, and Heavenly Jade Dynasty. These empires have never gotten along with one another. There were often fights among each other and even horrific battles have broken out before. Lastly, the six great immortal sects. They are Limitless Immortal Sect, Exquisite Paradise, Celestial Flower Valley, Divine Line Sect, Yellow Spring Sect and Yin Corpse Sect. There are good and evil in the six of them, having nothing in common with each other.

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