The Evil Abyss is a space of special existence and isn’t completely isolated from the outside world, so it shouldn’t be regarded as a atypical spatial zone. Once there is massive changes in air current or if there’s any great movements, different degrees of storms will be created outside. Some of them who had poorer luck will be blown away by the spatial storms into the Evil Abyss.

There are no rules in the Evil Abyss. The strongest and most powerful are humans. They are different species that is either demon or devil. The blood that flows in their body is the blood of evil. They are born to commit crimes. The more people they kill, the higher the crimes they committed which also gives them higher cultivation base. They claim to be the Evil Clan and this place is named after them.

In the past, the Evil Abyss was the kingdom of Evil Clan. Everyone who was sent into the Evil Abyss for punishment or those innocent experts who were brought in here by the spatial storms would become the prey of Evil Clan. All of them ended up pretty badly. But this pattern changed ever since the Evil Lord came. By establishing his own forces, he eventually forced the Evil Clan into the depths of the Evil Abyss. Later, he had set up a system, but of course, it was basically useless here. All these years, humans and Evil Clans had been clashing with one another. The Evil Clan longed to get rid of the Evil Lord so that they could rule the Evil Abyss once more, at the same time, the Evil Lord didn’t stop launching attacks at the Evil Clan, desiring to take full control of the Evil Abyss, but none of their dreams had ever been realised.

Currently, half of the Evil Abyss has already been occupied by mankind. There are different divisions in these territories, namely outer area, middle surrounding and interior surrounding. Each division consist different forces and competitions. Right now, we are at the outer area of territory. The forces here isn’t big, but it is still equally dangerous compared to the other divisions. Most of the humans here are violent and ferocious, those who don’t have these qualities will die.

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