Feng Manlou was the son of the village chief, Feng Xian, and he was even a disciple of Profound Feng Sect
Helian Yue:”He is the son of the village chief. Five years ago, he was fortunate to enter the Profound Feng Sect and flatter the young sect master. These years, he has been very tyrannical and overbearing, doing whatever he wants in the village. More than hundreds of young men had been recruited by force to Profound Feng Sect and mine for Divine Origin Stones. These guys are only allowed to come back to the village once a year. That’s why no one is willing to go. Moreover, he has been quite influential in the Profound Feng Sect. No one in the Peng Tou Village dared to go against him. Every time he comes back to the village, he bullies both the men and takes their women. There’s no evil that he wouldn’t dare do. Even his father, the village chief, can only pretend like he doesn’t see anything.Hmph. I hate him the most. He always looks at me with bad intentions in his mind.”

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