Dragon-Marked War God Wikia
Dragon-Marked War God Wikia

(after absorbing a fire core from a Fiery Tiger using special methods, he can produce from his energy)

  • No longer needs a furnace to concoct pills.
  • Has a decent control of it and can spawn it into the shape of a sword and other things when needed to eliminate enemies. He also burns enemies using this in order to not leave evidence. His fire evolves once he reaches the middle of heavenly core realm and he gains True Dragon Flames. They are the divine evolved version of his fire and are so strong that they even devoured the flames from the Fiery Tiger and others in order to strengthen themselves. 
  • Heavenly Thunder Flames are another type of flame he can form.
  • These flames are golden and are very powerful, even able to be used in combat.
  • Since it is an innate ability, it is scaled off of Jiang Chen’s own strength.
  • The flames can be used to protect him against large group attacks and nauseating environments.