After absorbing the bloodline of the firethorn golden egg, he can produce a firethorn armour around his body whenever he wants. It produces thorns with surrounding flame sparks, with a golden aura surrounding his body. This armour produced around his body is very difficult to damage. Even if someone scratches it, they’re scratching the armour, not him (think of a snake that can shed its skin, but on command and as many times as it wants). This means that his defence is automatically heightened. It also increases his attack power. Since it is an innate ability, it is also scaled off of Jiang Chen’s own strength.

  • Related to the firethorn combat armour skill (innate skill).
  • If he wants, he can produce the armour around only certain areas like his vitals (ex. heart) and keep it there all the time (without any expending of energy) to prevent against any surprise attacks (ex. assassins).
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