Dragon-Marked War God Wikia
Dragon-Marked War God Wikia

This powerful innate combat skill is related to the five elements. The Five Elements Combat Dragon seal is comprised of five combat skills; the Golden Dragon Seal, Azure Dragon Seal, Water Dragon Seal, Fire Dragon Seal, and the Earth Dragon Seal. Each seal is interconnected with the Five Elements, and the mutual promotion and restraint between the five elements make the strength of this combat skill unstoppable, so much stronger than the True Dragon Palm. As for the actual strength of this combat skill, it would be directly affected by the five elements that Jiang Chen finds, meaning that this combat skill isn’t easy to master. Different from his other innate abilities, Jiang Chen was only provided the cultivation method of this combat skill, so he had to work on his own to cultivate this skill.

  • Fire Dragon Seal: True Dragon Flames & Heavenly Thunder Flames (fire and lightning attributes)
  • Water Dragon Seal: Real Water (ice and water attributes)
  • Earth Dragon Seal: Pure Land Soil Essence (earth attributes)