Dragon-Marked War God Wikia
Dragon-Marked War God Wikia

From his previous life, he has a profound knowledge of how to set-up and unlocking mechanisms. He can even find weaknesses within the defense and offensive mechanisms of other cultivators. He can also set-up arrays easily (from his knowledge as a saint). This includes complex arrays like portals.

  • Unlocks defense mechanism of a Divine Core Realm martial artist while still in Martial Core Realm.
  • Has a strong soul force, increasing his ease with mechanisms.
  • Makes an array to channel energy from an energy vein.
  • Has a profound knowledge of portals, and can make one if his cultivation is back to combat king realm.  
  • He is able to find hidden arrays that experts place within his surroundings. This includes natural arrays made by nature.
  • Unlocked several herbs that were trapped within mechanisms, instantly using his mechanism prowess.
  • He can produce several mechanisms to hide his aura during a breakthrough.
  • Skymend formation to seal the dimensional crack.
  • He can make illusion arrays.
  • He can make trapping arrays.

Group Formations Master (attack/defense): From his previous life, he has a profound knowledge of a plethora of different types of group formations. These include attack and defense formations. If needed, if he has a large enough group, he can use an attack or defense formation to increase the overall strength of his allies or himself.

  • With a glance, he can usually analyze a formation’s weaknesses and uses.
  • He can recognize the name, type, and most efficient usage for a formation.
  • Was able to fully understand and dissect the group formation of the Green Sanctuary that was used to increase the strength of the sect head.
  • He can make killing formations (ex. to kill the stronger 9th Level Combat King Horse).



  • Dimensional Talisman - Ch 371
  • Natal Message Talisman - Ch 386
  • Notification Talisman - Made with source consiusness - Ch 433