The Genius Prefecture is a place for geniuses that holds the Great Heaven-Devouring ape in a prison.

  • Bai Weng:“It seems like Brother Jiang doesn’t know about this yet. Genius Prefecture is a place that specializes in nurturing the geniuses in the empire. Many noble families in the palace, princes, royal grandchildren and descendants of dignitaries, and outstanding geniuses selected from countless of sects in the empire will be sent to Genius Prefecture for training. In other words, the Genius Prefecture is the converging place of geniuses. Both Crown Prince and King Ping were from Genius Prefecture as well. King Fan also originated from Genius Prefecture. Therefore, anyone can imagine the height of Yang Zanqing’s status, the person who controlled the Genius Prefecture.” (Ch. 1440)
  • Dan Prefecture is a department for special existences in Genius Prefecture. A high and mighty place that only powerful alchemists are qualified to enter. Every time Dan Prefecture recruits disciples, the quota is restricted to only one. Naturally, the standard of selecting their candidate is also extremely harsh. Those who want to participate in the examination must not only have a superb concoction technique, but must also have an incredible combat strength. One must be extremely outstanding in both areas before they can be chosen by Dan Prefecture. (Ch. 1494)
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