The Golden Horizon is located in the void zone of the Golden Triangle, fitted in among the Ethereal Immortal Domain, Mi Luo Immortal Domain and Radiance Immortal Domain.

Golden Horizon is a battle zone outside the domain. It’s a true ancient battlefield that has existed for a very long time.

According to history, many experts had died on that battlefield. Those experts include countless Immortal Emperors, Immortal Venerables and even the legendary Great Sovereigns of the past era. It’s just that no one knows if this is true or not.

A long time ago, there’s a certain Golden Clan living in the Golden Horizon. It was rumored that this clan was the descendants of the Divine Bird Golden Crow. Their bodies were flowing with the blood of the Golden Crow. But for unknown reason, the Golden Horizon was turned into a battle zone, and because of this, it was called Golden Horizon where innumerable experts had fallen. It was also rumored that the treasures of the Golden Clan—Gold Feather Fan—was left behind in it. But for many years, countless heroes had entered, but still failed to find the whereabouts of the treasure.

Each opening was a major event. It wasn’t just a major event in Eastern Profound Domain, but also the entire Ethereal Immortal Domain.

The opening was controlled by the Immortal Court, each time.

The Golden Horizon would only open once every five years. Each time, its opening was a huge event in the Immortal World. Not only the Great Qian Empire, but also to the numerous major powers, they had attached an incomparable importance to this event.

First, the condition for entering the Golden Horizon is that one has to be a young genius below fifty years old. This would limit the number of people that can enter the Golden Horizon. Next, I will tell you how many people are allowed to go inside. Our empire only has a quota of a hundred people. The Eastern Profound Domain has 11 major powers. I estimate that the other ten major powers will also be getting the same number of people. That is to say, for Eastern Profound Domain alone, there’s over one thousand young geniuses who will enter the Golden Horizon, including some of those intermediate powers that will be getting some quotas. Furthermore, the Ethereal Immortal Domain is divided into Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern Profound Domain. Each of the major powers in those domains will also be given a certain number of quota. To be put it simply, the Ethereal Immortal Domain alone has no less than six thousand geniuses entering the Golden Horizon.

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