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Dragon-Marked War God Wikia

  • Peak 2nd Grade Great Saint. Was 9th Grade Minor Saint before being given the Nine Solar Lightning dragon pill by Jiang Chen.
  • When Ancestor Greenlotus met Jiang Chen many years, a juvenile monk was following him. Ancestor Greenlotus told him that the juvenile monk was his disciple. However, Jiang Chen didn’t pay much attention to that young monk and never asked him for his name. He didn’t expect that that

A young monk has now grown into an old monk and was standing right in front of him. This junior from many years ago had now become his senior.

  • He extends his knowledge as a minor saint Buddhist monk to get his soul to awaken again, giving great benefits to Jiang Chen, as he awoke the third transformation. All the while, having the strange notion of familiarity, even if he knew he had never met this young boy before.
  • He is the inheritor of the three mighty Buddhist seals from Greenlotus, the Lion seal, the heavenly seal, and the Fudo seal. The Great Lightning Tunetemple is after the knowledge and has bothered him for a long time. He refuses to join or acknowledge them, as their greed was obvious, even if the benefits were great for both parties. Upon Jiang Cheng's encouragement, he let Tyrant join the sect as a member, as a pretentious act that it was not impossible to give in to them, perfectly shutting them up and leaving him alone.


  • The third person to knows about Jiang Chen reincarnation (Ch. 898).


Cultivation Chapter
Minor Saint - 9th Grade 529
Great Saint - 1st Grade 794
Great Saint - 2nd Grade 898