She is a woman in white. Her face is a little scrawny but that didn't affect her unique, and beautiful face. Her facial expression is gloomy though. One look is enough to tell that she was a person with sad stories. Her eyes are focused on the strings of the zither. Her jade-like palms danced on the strings like butterflies.


  • Gu Mu: “Patriarch and Gu Lan are siblings. Miss Ningzhu is considered the niece of the patriarch. Last time, patriarch was very angry with her when she was brought back from the Eastern Continent. At that time, an old patriarch was still the patriarch at that time. Over the years, the patriarch would visit Gu Lan in a fixed period of time. Gu Lan had been kept imprisoned due to the fact that she doesn’t admit her faults. When miss Ningzhu arrived, the patriarch compensated miss Ningzhu as he felt guilty of leaving her mother inside the cell all these years. Otherwise, he wouldn’t betroth her to Gu Liufeng.” (Ch. 882)
  • She was punished and imprisoned for marrying a man of low status. (Ch. 888)
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