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Dragon-Marked War God Wikia

9th Grade Minor Saint

Elder of Gu Family


Cultivation Chapter
Minor Saint - 7th Stage 746
Minor Saint - 8th Stage 747
Minor Saint - 9th Stage 849


  • Jiang Chen solved his problem. "You were a modest and composed man, but due to your fire-property cultivation reaching a bottleneck and not being able to  make a breakthrough, your hot temper started to form. Furthermore, your temper has caused your body to accumulate a lot of fiery poison and the more hot-tempered you become, the harder it is for you to make a breakthrough. Although the fiery poison isn’t going to affect you much, you can only be a Seventh Grade Minor Saint for the rest of your life. It is absolutely impossible for you to reach the Eighth Grade Minor Saint.”

  • He interrupted the wedding of Jiang Cheng and Wu Ningzhu in order to bring her back to the Gu Family. (Ch. 746)