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Jiang Chen's first sworn brother. Jiang Chen gave him the Buddha’s Heart Sutra when Han Yan was about to lose control during his fight against Li Wu Shuang during the Qi Province Competition. He has the ancient divine devils bloodline. thanks to that, he kept his life after trying to save Yan Chenyu from Fan Kun. Thanks to Jiang Chen defeating an Earth Devil, he recovered with extremely quickly. Along with his recovery, he advanced from Heavenly Core Early Stage to Divine Core Middle Stage in one swoop.


White-haired youth and dressed in blue. Has cruel eyes that makes him live up to his nickname.

"When he turned around to look at the source of these eyes, he could see a young man who only seemed to be 10 years old and was wearing a blue robe. His black hair was divided from the center of his head and looked clean. His face was handsome, and his eyes were glowing brightly. Although he expressed a lazy attitude, his senses were amazing.

The young man in the blue robe stepped onto a chair with one of his feet while leaning towards the wall with a wine bottle in his hand made from crystals. When he saw Jiang Chen looking at him, he raised the wine bottle towards Jiang Chen and smiled." - Ch 75

"A massive force came from the secret chamber, it punched a huge hold in the secret chamber’s solid wall. After that, a sturdy man swiftly jumped into the sky.

Everyone instantly threw their glances at the man. When they sensed the enormous aura that overflowed from the man’s body, they couldn’t help but feel shivers running down their spines.

The young man had a handsome face. He wore a long blue shirt, and his dark hair was fluttering in the breeze. A pair of sharp eyes were coldly flickering, causing those who stared into his eyes to feel a frightening sensation.

This young man was none other than the fully recovered Han Yan. His Ancient Divine Devil bloodline had fully awakened." - Ch 268 


  • Buddha’s Heart Sutra
  • Nine Heavenly Devil Waves
  • 9000 Meter White Hair
  • Blood Devil Blade
  • Devilish Deep Ocean
  • Combat Devil Physique
  • Heavenly Devil Blade


  • Supreme Devil Wand
  • Heavenly Demon sword


  • Profound Sun Sect outer disciples chopped one of his hands (Ch. 1106). After a while, Jiang Chen helped him cure his hand. After refinement the heart of the "Regenerative Lotus", he grew a new hand for himself and his cultivation increased by 5 stages. (Ch. 1147)
  • His father and Dragon Shisan's father are enemies.