Dragon-Marked War God Wikia
Dragon-Marked War God Wikia

From his previous life, he has a profound and massive amount of knowledge about the numerous sicknesses, deviations, and body types that one might have and how to cure them. He also knows how to procure the ingredients to treat the symptoms and illness. In addition, he can treat severe injuries with his large breadth of knowledge.

-          He could deeply analyze and recognize the sickness of Yan Chen Yu just by looking at her.

o   He could realize she was fed a fiery dragon fruit.

o   He was also able to treat this seemingly incurable illness by diagnosing that it is actually a rare body type and deals with it this way.

-          He later on develops an immunity to poisons and can even absorb them to heal others.

-          He can usually recognize the exact illness, and approximate cultivation method of someone with a mere glance (ex. when done with Wang Yun).

o   He can also find solutions to cultivation deviations.

-          Heals Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan once again when their bodies have barely any life force left.

-          Even if the source of his own cultivation is damaged, he has ways to completely heal himself.  

-          He can incorporate his healing with his alchemy skills to reach a new realm of skill in treating others.