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Natal weapon of the Greatest Saint, Jiang Chen. When the Greatest Saint died on Saint Cliff, the sword was split into seven parts.It recognizes his aura and completely submits to him. It is his natal weapon. Once his cultivation increases, so will its strength and rank. It can also change in size from very large into a normal-sized sword. In addition, it can transform into multiple swords. It can also produce nine solar holy water and it contains Saint Dao. Once he breaks through to Combat King Realm, he can also produce a storage space within the sword (since it is his natal sword). It can also be tempered with tribulation lightning. This was the sword he used when he was a saint and it is the strongest sword in saint origin. The reincarnated Jiang Chen makes a new Heavenly Saint Sword by finding and absorbing lost parts. As he collects the pieces along the way, Jiang tempers his natal weapon with him by using some heavenly tribulations lightning to fortify its foundation. Each time he gets a part of the sword his cultivation increases by one rank. When finding the first broken piece at the ice island, he cried tears of joy. Only those who have walked in Jiang Chens shoes would understand its high worth to him.

The Seven Parts of the Heavenly Saint Sword:-

  1. The tip of the sword (he found it in the ice island inside the Gate of Void) (Ch 330)
  2. Second part Jiang Chen found it inside the Ancient Pagoda on the Island of Ice (Ch 337)
  3. From the Nangong Family in the Southern Continent (Ch 416)
  4. From the Nebula Kidd's natal weapon. (Ch 595, learned someone has his Heavenly Saint Sword Fragment.)(Officially acquires and refines it to advance to the next stage in Ch 787.)
  5. In an auction of Void Triangular Domain.(Ch 854, officially refines it in Ch 861.)
  6. Ancestor Greenlotus took a piece of the sword as a memento of his friend, the Greatest Saint Jiang Chen from Saint Origin Cliff and was later captured by the Desolate Palace and imprisoned in Saint Origin Palace. (Ch 971-972)
  7. In the Special Formation on Saint Cliff (Ch 1030)