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She have pair of big bright piercing eyes, her black hair was tied into a bun She was full of curiosity and in a state of great shock.

She was very innocent and adorable. She seemed very pure like a lotus that blossomed in the pond.


She is the first person Jiang Chen saw in Divine World after he awakened. Later she joined Profound Wind Sect with Jiang Chen and Ling Yun.


  • Gang Tou told her about her root is Helian in the east.


The heavens can change, the sun and moon can be the witness. Great winds blow from the edge of the heavens, the stars of the skies change its position. My heart is like the flying crane in the sky, flying to anywhere it wants. My heart is like a bright lamp that could stabilize the flow of time.
Gang Tou to Helian Yue