She seemed to be only thirty plus years old, her charm was overwhelming. Her loose robe couldn’t hide her elegant and nimble body. She was really pretty and attractive. Besides having the feminine beauty, the charm of heroine and maturity was certainly a deadly weapon to a lot of men.

Of course, thirty years old was only an estimate based on her appearance. Her age shouldn’t be asked. She was called Hua Gu Yi, the only female great elder among the eight.


Hua Gu Yi was very overbearing. This shocked most of the disciples. They had heard before that Elder Hua Gu Yi was an extremist. Some called her a female robber, and very autocratic. Many elders were afraid of her and would walk far away when they saw her.

It was better to know the person personally than knowing them through gossips. Her appearance today explained everything. She was even more unreasonable than what they had heard. Apparently, the other elders had undoubtedly been given a lot of headaches by her petty annoyance.

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