Profound multi-purpose illusion skill that focuses on fantasy and heart. As long as a man has a fantasy in his mind, he will be affected by the Great Illusion Realm. His heart will be immersed in his own fantasy, and he will have a difficult time pulling himself out. As seen from Jiang Chen’s use, other than using it on just one person, it can even be used to trap large amounts of enemies and pit them against each other without having to lift a finger. The illusion area and targets can be placed in different individual areas as well, and he can choose how to deal with them and divide them up accordingly. In addition, once he cultivates it to a higher realm, he can change the environment to a match a certain illusion. An additional amazing function is that it can be used to hide one’s true intentions when tested for loyalty by creating an illusion around one’s heart and desires (it functions to a certain extent).


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