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The Immortal World is a Realm that everyone dreams of reaching. Jiang Chen in his past life he tries to open the door to the Immortal World using his strongest Weapon which broke into 7 pieces fighting with the Immortal Tribulation, but in the end, he could not go to the Immortal World.

The Boundless Immortal World is divided into nine great immortal domains,(Each and every one of these domains runs independently.) namely:

There’s a spatial barrier around every Immortal Domain. Also, each of the Immortal Domain resided the high and mighty Immortal Court, and is also the supreme ruler of that particular Domain.

Ascendants have a very significant status in the Immortal World. People of the Immortal World all know that the cultivation resources in the Mortal World are scarce, so anyone who ascends to the Immortal World possesses great perseverance and talent. Individuals like ascendants will be respected wherever they go.

The catastrophe

Not far away from the Immortal World is another world. They called it the Barbarian World in ancient times. There lived a race named the Barbarian Race. The Barbarian Race looked like humans but they worshiped Barbarian Beasts. Their bloodline is incomparably strong. They were bloodthirsty, belligerent and liked to invade and plunder.

During ancient times, for unknown reasons, a crack had appeared in the Heavenly Dao of the Immortal World, giving them the chance to invade our world, which then led to a massive disaster. The bloodline of the Barbarian Race is different from the Devil and Demon Race.

This race is very powerful and only very few people could suppress them. Only those with the true bloodline of Divine Beast could restrain them. But there weren’t many Divine Beasts across the world. The only powerful clan in this world is the Golden Clan as they had inherited the bloodline of the Divine Bird Golden Crow. As such, the Golden Clan had become the biggest rival of the Barbarian Race.


  • One day spent in Immortal World equals one year spent in Saint Origin Universe. (Ch. 1108)
  • The real name of this world is

    "Nine Regions Immortal World" 

    . (Ch. 2108)