• “The Inferno Hell is located in a special place within the Eastern Continent, there’s a node in every single one of the 28 Eastern Continent Provinces connected to it, and in all the big sects of all provinces, there is an ancient portal that can transport people into the Inferno Hell. However, rarely do any disciples purposely go train themselves in the Inferno Hell. The Inferno Hell is almost the same as death itself, rumors say that it has a harsh environment with foul and evil demons running across the lands. It is a true land of vanquishing, and with my cultivation base, entering the Inferno Hell is almost equal to certain death. Not only me, it would also mean death for those Divine Core warriors!” (Ch 112)
  • Separate small dimension/ world
  • There are natural defense mechanisms and natural formations.
  • It has a city called Inferno City
    • Cultivators can't fly in the city
    • Beasts can only enter it with cultivators
    • The only rule in the city is that on trade days nobody can rob other people

Beasts in Inferno Hell

  • Evil Devil (Ch 198)
  • Nine Life Crystal Beast (Ch 198)
  • Double Headed Black Crow (Ch 199)
  • Twin Stonerock Lions (Ch 202)
  • Shamanic Flaming Fire Ape (Ch 210)
  • Violent Bloodthirsty Devil (Ch 229)
  • Earth Devil (Ch 250)
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