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Dragon-Marked War God Wikia

Jiang Chen's Dragon Transformation has the ability to absorb all kinds of bloodlines. By absorbing bloodlines, Jiang Chen gains the innate abilities of the beast whose bloodline is absorbed. These are the beasts whose bloodline was absorbed:

Bloodline Source Chapter Details
Green Hellish Python Demon Soul 47 Poison Immunity and Poison Ability
Dragon Horse (Big Yellow) Blood 56 Dragon Transformation Skill Development
Blood Winged Hawk Demon Soul 65 Sonic Hawk-Cry and Blood Wings
Shadow (Bloody Combat) Wolf Demon Soul 121 Nine Phantom Wolves
Firethorn Savage Egg 192 Firethorn Combat Armor
Flood Dragon Blood Essence 278 Nine Murdering Flood Dragons Skill Development
Nether Toad Demon Soul 474 Poison Qi Flow
Earth Bull Demon Soul 487 Earth Jail (or Earthbound)
White Tiger Demon Soul 769 Five Elements Battle Dragon Seal Skill Perfection
Fire Qilin Blood Essence 1408 Qilin Sacred Fire and Qilin God Arm
Golden Crow (Fire Seed) Xiao Yao Qin 1647 Golden Crow Great Sun Fire
Vermilion Bird Blood 1993 Vermilion Bird Divine Fire
The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda Chapter
twelfth level of condensation 1054
57th level 2019
59th level 2026
60th level 2030
66th level 2035
67th level 2074