Current Life

  • Year 3486 of the Saint Origin calendar. I was dead for over a hundred years. 
  • The Dragon transformation method he is currently cultivating allows him to evolve as soon as he condenses enough dragon marks. He doesn't have to face any bottleneck. The Combat Soul he condenses on chapter 405, instead of being a miniature form of himself, is a true dragon. 

Dragon Transformation

Ancient/Unknown rank (beyond saint):

Ancient immortal cultivation and body strengthening skill (speed, agility, power, defense, endurance) with a fast cultivation speed and quick healing and regeneration. This skill has many additional abilities that show up the longer he uses it. One must start using this ability right when you start cultivating otherwise you must start back from the beginning to cultivate this ability. With this ability, one could also merge with any kind of blood in this world and gain special abilities from it. This includes absorbing poisons in the air for energy. With this skill, it is possible to merge with thousands of blood types. Those who cultivated the Dragon Transformation skill would form a Dragon Mark inside their Dantian. A Dragon Mark would increase the user’s strength by 10,000 pounds, and the maximum number of Dragon Marks that could be initially formed was 100,000 (it goes up drastically, later on, surpassing millions of them). Even more, according to the script, once all 100,000 Dragon Marks were formed (once again, later on, this limit of 100,000 no longer exists and he reaches the millions and it is still increasing), one would be able to break through the Dragon Gate and become a Dragon. When he is really angry, he can increase his cultivation by a large margin, as a result, gaining more acceptance from this ancient skill. In addition, he can absorb heavenly tribulation and use it to temper his body and evolve his dragon marks. If someone is stronger than him but not by too much, he can form more dragon marks by using the pressure of the battle. This means that if someone is slightly stronger than him, Jiang Chen could evolve and become stronger while fighting, and eventually he can overcome his opponent. This skill can also be strengthened by absorbing demon souls to form dragon marks. In addition, it can give him blood essence if he loses any. Every time the skill evolves, it provides more benefits to him and improves overall as a skill. This skill can also protect him from attacks to his innermost soul. The Dragon Transformation skill, if mastered, is abundantly stronger than Jiang Chen before reincarnation (incomparable). It has an immeasurable potential for growth.

Fusing with the Previous Body Parts

Piece of finger bone 582

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