Heavenly Tribulations

The Heavenly Tribulation is a power sent from the heavens when something defies the heavenly order. It can go wherever it wishes. It can either come in these three stages: The Minor Three Tribulation, Intermediate Six Tribulation, or the Major Nine Tribulation. Although it is broken into three stages, it does not mean that their power is the same. For instance, if one's cultivation is only at the first stage of the Combat King Realm then they will face a Heavenly Tribulation scaled to their current strength. (Chapter 275)

Jiang Chen meets the Heavenly Tribulation when he became a Combat Soul Warrior and Second Grade Combat King.

Interfering with a Heavenly Tribulation will cause another Tribulation just for you.

The creation of the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill is required to have the Heavenly Tribulation as an ingredient. Along with the Heavenly Tribulation, some herbs and Nine Solar Holy Water are needed. Although one can create a single pill during a single Heavenly Tribulation, more can be created with only the single Heavenly Tribulation. However, after storing some leftover energy from the Heavenly Tribulation, one must use another remaining Heavenly Tribulation to merge the herbs, Nine Solar Holy Water, and energy together.

Tribulation Name Chapter Cultivation Tribulation Strength
Minor Three Tribulation (3 lightings) 404 Peak Divine Core Unknown
Intermediate Six Tribulation (6 lightings) 520 1st Combat King Unknown
Major Nine Tribulation (9 lightings) 654 1st Combat Emperor Unknown
Devil Dragon Tribulation 783 1st Minor Saint Great Saint
Dragon Phoenix Major Tribulation 933 1st Great Saint Unknown
Immortal Tribulation 1055 Middle Human Immortal Unknown
Nine Tribulations of Slaughter Tribulation 1704 Early Immortal Emperor Immortal Sovereign
Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation 2032 1st Grade Immortal Sovereign Unknown
Heavenly Lightning Tribulation 2123 8th Grade Immortal Sovereign True God
Dawn Sky Golden Lightning 2179 9th Grade Immortal Sovereign Heavenly God
Dawn Sky Golden Lightning 2267 Middle Void God Heavenly God
Dawn Sky Golden Lightning 2323 Half Step True God Heavenly God
Heavenly Lightning 2474 Early Heavenly God God King
Fire Cloud Tyrant Heavenly Lightning 2765 Early God King Half-Step God Venerate
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