Item Grade Chapter Details
Black Soul Ripper Low 42 Combat Weapon
Storage Ring Any 97 Qi Province Competition. Spatial Artifact
Axe of Thunder High 102 Combat Weapon
Blood Banner Any 156 Got it from Lord Blood Moon. Evil Weapon
Storage Ring Any 160 With 5x more space than the one he owned. Got it from Liang Xiao.
Soaring Heaven Sword High 195 Got it from Yun Can. Combat Weapon
Demon Taming Lock  Unknown 215 Got it from Yang Shuo
Bloodthirsty Sword High 215 Better quality than the Soaring Heaven Sword. Got it from Yang Shuo. Combat Weapon
Blood Talisman Unknown 246 Got it from Inferno Hell's Inferno City's Palace
Broken Weapon Combat King 286 Exchanged it to an old man for a High ranked longsword who was selling it saying that it was a Saint Weapon. Combat Weapon
Bronze Plate Unknown 287 Weighs more than a thousand jin.
Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm Unknown 292
Kettle Unknown 307 Can shoot Fiery Dragon Magma
Black Ice Talisman Unknown 328 Given to Yan Chenyu
Heavenly Saint Sword Great Saint 330 Found in seven parts. Jiang Chen Natal Weapon
Bronze Plate Unknown 336 Can give the location of the Island of Ice and is the key for the Teletraspot Formation
Brilliant Mirror Minor Saint 750
Ancestral Dragon Pagoda Unknown 914 It is a defensive tower linked to his dragon transformation art. It has 99 levels, and every 33 levels, he will get an heaven-defying advantage. Level 33: a floor which compresses the time x30, so a month inside is only a day outside. really useful to train and heal injuries. Level 66: Dragon Battle armor.
Heavenly Dragon Battle Halberd Unknown Immortal 1092 Ouyang He the former Head Master of Skycloud Pavilion gave his Heavenly Dragon Battle Halberd and Heavenly Dragon Nine Strike Technique to Jiang Chen to kill his unfilial disciple Tian Muyun
Sun Divine Feather Great Sovereign 1673
Heavenly Dragon Sword Great Sovereign 2034 The upgraded version of the Heavenly Saint Sword that he gets when promoting from Immortal Venerable to Great Sovereign realm. It is his natal weapon, which gets further tempered by the heavenly thunder, as well as the dragon soul from the Ancient Dragon Pagoda, that will infuse into his weapon.
Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour God 2044 An armor unseen before, which allows him to defend himself from the attack of an enemy 6 minor realms higher than his level. (Example: Level 2 Great Sovereign can survive against a level 8 Great Sovereign.)
Golden Feather Fan Great Sovereign 2065 the golden clan’s sacred treasure
Divine Burying Flag Heavenly Divine Weapon 2147 the Divine Burying Flag is one a kind. Furthermore, the flag is a divine weapon forged by peerless materials. For the completion of the Divine Burying Flag, nine Hierarch bodies and their souls are needed. The evil thing about the flag is… it sacrifices the lives of Hierarch experts, a truly disgusting act. But after the weapon is forged, it becomes a very terrifying weapon… No one will be able to stand against it. This Divine Burying Flag is the core of the Divine Burying Altar and the eye of the killing formation. Truly devastating… nine Hierarch souls, it's enough to stand on top of the Supreme Heaven.
Myriad Qi Cauldron Chaos Saint Tool 2169 It was the the only divine weapon from the Craftsman God. It could move mountains and fill the seas. It can refine everything in the world.

It could also melt the body of the Divine Emperor and God Emperor.

Heavenly Dragon Sword Peak Primal Origin Treasure 2171 A further upgrade of the Heavenly Dragon Sword done by the Craftsman God.It allowed to wake the tool spirit, in other words, the dragon soul, in the sword.

*The divine weapons and treasures are divided into a few categories, the False Divine Tool, Divine Tool, Heavenly Divine Tool, Origin Divine Tool and Primal Origin Treasure. As for the true peerless great tools they fall under the category of Chaos Saint Tool.


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  • Golden Crow Great Sun Fire - Chapter 1647
  • Vermilion Bird Divine Fire - Chapter 1993
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  • Red talisman (chapter 879) (chapter 914)


Immortal Mark (1047) : It was later reveled it is The Immortal World Heavenly Dao Law that had disappeared for hundreds of thousands of years. - ''The Immortal Mark combined with the enormous crack. The two had become one. The crack disappeared completely. The Heavenly Dao is now complete'' (Chapter 2106)

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