Jiang Chen, the greatest Saint in the Saint Origin realm. 100 years ago, he swung his sword at the heavens and cut open the door that led through to the realm of Immortals, opening up a new path for the people of the Saint Origin realm. However, he depleted his last drop of blood while doing so, and died at the Saint cliff. Never did he think that he would be reborn a hundred years later.

Previous Life

  • 100 years ago he was the greatest Saint of the Saint Origin universe.
  • An orphan in his previous life.
  • Knew 3 Saint Rank Skills.
  • Is from the Divine Continent in his previous life.
  • He was the person that reached the pinnacle of Alchemy Dao in the Saint Origin universe.
  • Discovers the secrets that no one has never unraveled before.
  • He journeyed alone in the martial path and slaughtered countless of lives.
  • The one who opened the path to the Gates of Heaven/World of Immortals.

Bones of the Great Saint Jiang Chen

  • (Ch 582) Finds the first finger bone
  • (Ch 851) Refined the second finger bone
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