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Dragon-Marked War God Wikia

He's the mayor of Fragrant Sky City and Jiang Chen's father.


A middle aged man paced back and forth with an anxious look on his face. The man, wearing loose silk clothes, was muscular and 7 feet tall.


JC's dad is the City Lord of Fragrant Sky city, he should have some history books about the Saint Origin realm. The story of me cutting the gates leading to the Realm of Immortals open with a sword is big news, everyone, including Fragrant Sky city should have heard of it.’

He thought to himself. Jiang Chen left his room and started walking towards the study room.

Ordinary people weren’t allowed to enter the City Lord’s room since there were not only books Jiang Zhenhai loved to read, but also because some basic martial art skills were kept there. Jiang Chen, however, was no ordinary person. He was the son of the City Lord, and he could go anywhere he wanted within the City Lord’s mansion.[1]


Cultivation Ranks Chapter
Qi Hai Late - Stage 002
Heavenly Core - Late Stage 372
Divine Core - Early Stage 462
Heaven Immortal 1768
Half Step Immortal King 1794
Half Step Immortal Emperor 1921
Void God - Peak Late Stage 2664
Crippled 2673
Heavenly God - Middle Stage 2766
Hierarch - Early Stage 3411
Divine Emperor - Early Stage 3834