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Jiang Chen first saw her naked because her clothes were burnt to nothingness Thunderfire shines across the sky chant.
Jiang Chen's blood boils because she was completely showing her snow-white skin and perfect figure. It was a sight that could make a person’s blood boil in excitement. It was something that could only be admired and not tarnished by the likes of mortals, Jiang Chen’s throat tightened from the sight.
Jiang Chen thought isn’t this too stimulating? Jiang Chen quickly closed his eyes shut. Even though he only took a glance, it managed to make his blood boil.
Jiang Chen never thought the first thing the lady asked was what he saw. Would I even tell you if I really saw it? Wouldn’t I be nuts to do so? How could an arrogant woman like you handle it?


She is cold as ice.

She was just like a clean white sheet of paper, absolutely flawless. Her face was covered with a thin veil, preventing her extraordinary face from being seen. She could make a person’s blood boil.


  • Snow Shadow Flow, breaking the Heavens


  • Snow Shadow Sword


Cultivation Chapter Combat Prowess
Heavenly God - Early Stage 2208 +1 Stage
Divine King - Middle Stage 2879 +1 Stage
God Emperor - Early Stage 3807 +1 Stage