He can use an unlimited supply soul power and never gets tired when concocting pills. As long as he has enough Yuan energy to back him, he can keep concocting.  Can produce a flame using some energy and no longer needs to use a furnace.

Supreme multi-purpose soul technique. He can use an unlimited supply of soul power and never gets tired when using it. This also trains the soul. It can also raise the level of his soul by a huge amount. One ability is that it can drastically increase soul force for a short amount of time. This can be used to scare certain enemies away. It can also protect one from soul pressure and lead them to not expend as much energy. In addition, it can help escape illusions and help prevent mind attacks.  He can also locate people from far away and see through traps or find treasures (to an extent, as seen by Big Yellow being able to spot treasures better than Jiang Chen). Furthermore, it can help Jiang Chen judge a person’s character. Additionally, it can allow him to multi-task (ex. concoct a pill while facing heavenly tribulation and trying to escape). He can also knock-back the divine sense of stronger opponents (ex. one realm higher). Likewise, he can make his voice very loud using this skill in order to be heard from large distances. This derivation technique is from when he was once the strongest saint.

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