The girl standing in front of him was 8 feet tall, and she perfectly inherited her father’s muscular body. And that’s not all! She even looked like a strong man, who seemed to weigh at least 300 pounds.

‘Fuck! Her name is Xiao Rou…’

[TL: Xiao Rou = Little gentle]

‘It’s alright to have a muscular body, but why would you tie a braid which points towards the sky? Do you really think that will make you look taller?’

‘And that face, the skin tone is really oily, and her excess skin overlaps with itself, and those red lips… They’re huge! Imagine if she tried to kiss someone.’


Jiang Chen was vomiting in his mind. Even though he was once the greatest Saint, and he had seen pretty much everything, he had never seen such an ugly girl before.

Yes, this was the ugliest girl in the world, second to none. At least, this was Jiang Chen’s opinion. And ironically enough, her name was Xiao Rou.

His face turned red. Jiang Chen was having a hard time holding his laughter, but he had been laughing out loud inside his head.

Jiang Ru Long, this is karma!’

Jiang Chen thought as he continued praising Mu Rong Zhan in his mind. ‘You are such a great father. You passed down such great genes to your daughter, and you are also a genius for naming your daughter Xiao Rou… Nothing about her can relate to this name.’'

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