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The man standing in the middle wore a golden robe, and his golden hair was dancing in the breeze. An incomparable domineering look could be seen on his face. The man seemed pretty young, but with every movement he made, he portrayed the aura of an emperor, causing those who faced him to feel like surrendering.

The golden-haired young man was none other than Nanbei Chao.


When Jiang Chen goes to Immortal World with Big Yellow, the real Nan Bei Chao tries to put a Soul Imprint on him while travelling by the passageway but thanks to the Greenlotus Ancestor's Immortal Mark and the Ancient Dragon Pagoda, Jiang Chen could withstand the attack and get rid of Nan Bei Chao's mark easily. Unfortunately, to protect Big Yellow from the attack, they separate.

In Immortal World, only experts who were Immortal King or above had the ability to manipulate the Laws of the Immortal World. To be able to attack Jiang Chen in the passageway using the Laws of the Immortal World, Nan Bei Chao cultivation rank must be really high.

Later we see Nan Bei Chao, saying that the Nan Bei Chao from Saint Origin Universe are reincarnations that he sends to conquer it because of his divine power's nature. This explains why he has Immortal Physique, Immortal Armor and can control Eternal Immortal Wind (upgrades his combat prowess +4 grades).

In Immortal World, people think Nanbei Chao is the reincarnation of a powerful Immortal Great Emperor. At the beginning, its just a rumor but Nan Bei Chao confirms it while fighting against Dragon Shisan. Later Jiang Chen finds out that Nan Bei Chao is the reincarnation of Batian Great Emperor, who was the archenemy of Nine Yin Empress (Yan Chenyu's past life).

After fusing with the body of Sovereign Batian, his cultivation rank goes from Immortal Emperor Late Stage to Immortal Venerable Peak Stage and obtains his Natal Weapon.[1]


Cultivation Chapter Combat Prowess
Late Heavenly Core 084 +1,5 Stage
Early Divine Core 188 +1,5 Stage
Middle Divine Core 238 +1,5 Stage
Combat Emperor - 1st Grade 638 +2 Stages
Combat Emperor - 6th Grade 682 +2 Stages
Combat Emperor - 9th Grade 757 +2 Stages
Minor Saint - 1st Grade 758 +4 Stages
Immortal Emperor Early Stage 1525 +2,5 Stages
Immortal Emperor Middle Stage 1630 +2,5 Stages
Immortal Emperor Late Stage 1679 +2,5 Stages
Half Step Immortal Venerable 1804 +2,5 Stages
Immortal Venerable Late Stage 1823 +2 Stages
Half-Step Immortal Sovereign 1914 +2 Stages
1st Grade Immortal Sovereign 1998 +1,5 Stage