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Dragon-Marked War God Wikia

Jiang Chen met Nangong Wentian in Blissful Island when he was searching for Nine solar holy water to heal Yan Chenyu. He was the one who put holy water up for auction in exchange for three pills that heals the soul, Nine Soul Restoration pill, and Jiang Chen was the only one who was capable of creating that pill. After that when Jiang Chen was surrounded by soul combat warriors, Nangong Wentian stepped up to help him, being a Soul core Warrior.

Jiang Chen, Big Yellow and Han Yan bonded with Nangong Wentian during the treasure hunting on the Island of Ice (305).

He fought at the side of them against the rock golems and helping Jiang Chen to destroy the mountain, gaining another piece identical to the copper plate. With Big Yellow and Han Yan, they traveled through the gate of death after Jiang Chen disappeared inside the gate of void none of them could see it except for Jiang Chen.

He comes from the Southern Continent on an adventure on his own. He was only an Early Divine core Warrior before traveling. After using a year to cross over to the Eastern Continent and breaking through to Soul core Warrior during that time, he met a soul-devouring barbaric beast. Although defeating the beast, he still got poisoned. Only the Nine Soul Restoration pill was strong enough to help him. Using the Nine solar holy water in exchange was nothing compared to his life. He went to the Divine Continent with Jiang Chen and got separated from the rest of the group, Later he was found in Death Mountain eating herbs and was reunited with his brothers (673).

He has an attitude similar to Jiang Chen in the way of acting and speech (calling himself daddy and such), just not so shameless.

He is the reincarnation of the Heaven Sovereign


As for the other man, he wore a black suit and a bamboo hat. The hate covered his face with shadows, so no one could see his real identity. He too had a majestic body, just like Master Blissful. Because he wore a tight suit, his big muscles were perfectly visible. It looked like there was an explosive amount of strength within his muscles.

Judging from this man’s aura, he was pretty young.

Nangong Wentian took off his bamboo hat and revealed a handsome face. He had a pair of straight eyebrows than slanted upwards, and a pair of clear eyes. Together with his sharp face and strong body, he gave off a manly aura.

He looked like he was in his mid-twenties, but the aura leaking from his body wasn’t any weak. Although he wasn’t a Combat Soul warrior, he was a peak Divine Core warrior.


Cultivation Chapter Combat Prowess
Divine Core - Late Stage 300
Combat Soul - Early Stage 408
Combat Soul - Middle Stage 457
Combat Soul - Late Stage 483
Combat Emperor - 6th Grade 674 +1 Stage
Combat Emperor - 7th Grade 677 +1 Stage
Combat Emperor - 8th Grade 718 +1 Stage
Combat Emperor - 9th Grade 736 +1 Stage
Minor Saint - 1st Grade 899 +1 Stage
3rd Grade Immortal Sovereign 1925 +1 Stage
6th Grade Immortal Sovereign 2048 +1 Stage
7th Grade Immortal Sovereign 2106 +1 Stages