Dragon-Marked War God Wikia
Dragon-Marked War God Wikia

  • The sect was sitting on a giant mountain which is called Nebula Mountain

Sky Ranking

  • Ranking of the most powerful core disciples
  • Guo Shao Fei number five on the Sky Ranking

Earth Ranking

Ranking of the inner-sect disciples, it is updated every year

  1. Hu Song, He entered the Combat Emperor realm 625
  2. Yu Wei ch 621
  3. Guo Xudong ch.617
  4. 4
  5. Zhang Da ch. 617
  6. 6
  7. 7
  8. 8
  9. Zhou Hong, ch. 617


Hu Lai a young man with a full beard that looked ferocious. He was a peak Eighth Grade Combat King. 612

Lin Kang 612

Lan Yi Blue-robed senior sister 613

Chang Yong fat elder. He was currently wearing the uniform of elders, he looked roughly sixty years old and was a Ninth Grade Combat King. He looked very energetic, his eyes were rolling constantly from left to right. He is a routine elder who handles day-to-day business outside of the sect. ch. 631

Man Hong of the core disciples Fourth Grade Combat Emperor

Three chief stewards of the inner sect

The first among them had already reached the Third Grade Combat Emperor. The other two beside him were at the peak of Second Grade Combat Emperor, they’re very formidable.

Cong Zhongsheng, he looked fifty or sixty years old with a sturdy physique that is as strong as a tiger’s and a bear’s body. His face and Qi was intimidating. Chief Steward of the Inner Sect ch.632

Eight great elders

Eight newly arrived men. There were seven males and one female. Every one of them was a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. ch.632

Hua Guyi, the only female great elder among the eight

Feng Yunwu

Feng Yunsan