One-Line-Sky: It is the most remote part of the Ethereal Immortal Domain, with a few dozen billions of miles and rolling mountains that you can only see a line outlined by the tops of the mountains in front of the sky in every direction. This is why they named it One-Line-Sky. In this region, there are hundreds and thousands of sects and clans.

There are four major powers in One-Line-Sky. They are the two big sects and two aristocratic families. The two big sects are Skycloud Pavilion and Profound Sun Sect while the two aristocratic families are Huangfu Family and Yun Family. You know that there will be fierce competition when there are different powers. Naturally, the four major powers aren’t getting along with each other. Among them, Skycloud Pavilion and Profound Sun Sect don’t have a good relationship with one another, whereas the Huangfu Family and Yun Family are the enemies of each other.

The eight experts represent the highest existence in One-Line-Sky are called the One-Line Sky’s Eight Immortals. The average cultivation of theirs has already reached the half-step Immortal King realm. They are Tian Muyun and Daoist Yufeng of Skycloud Pavilion, Xuan Yangyi and Dugu Sheng from Profound Sun Sect, Huangfu Yaotian and Huangfu Qun of Huangfu Family and Yun Zhonghe and Yun Zhonglong of Yun Family.

  1. Skycloud Pavilion
  2. Profound Sun Sect
  3. Huangfu Family
  4. Yun Family
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