Compared to Primal Chaos Sect, the Shadow Murder Sect was slightly weaker in terms of strength. In the entire Linhe Boundary, the people of Primal Chaos Sect could be considered as having some kind of reputation. Deer Mourn Mountain was not a large domain, so it’s quite difficult for a sect to be known in the Linhe Boundary. One should know that Profound Wind Sect was unknown in the Linhe Boundary. So, compared to Primal Chaos Sect, Profound Wind Sect and Happy Valley were of course weaker.

In the entire Deer Mourn Mountain, the Primal Chaos Sect was quite popular because there was once a Divine King born in their sect. However, that Divine King had already fallen. Despite that, there were still experts of Late Heavenly God Realm taking the helm of the Primal Chaos Sect. That’s why it was ranked high in the Deer Mourn Mountain.

Moreover, Primal Chaos Sect had always been mysterious as their disciples seldom came out.

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