• The Profound Region is the weakest territory amongst all eight, but although it is the weakest, it’s still ten times bigger than the Eastern Continent.
  • In the Profound Region, there are a total of eighteen provinces, each province bigger than any of those in the Eastern Continent. A small place like the Qi Province can’t be compared with those in this land. Also, within ever single province here, there are numerous powers of all sizes.”

Five powers who reigned supreme in the Mysterious Domain

Nebula Sect

Dark Devil Religion

Freedom Palace

Skyhill School

Tan Family

Liang Province - Divine Continent




Chaotic Ocean

  • Heavenhawk Island - “The master of this Heavenhawk Island is one of the seven pirate leader

of this Chaotic Ocean. As the shape of this island resembles that of a hawk, it was given this name. The original form of the Island Master is actually that of a hawk as well. He’s at the peak of the First Grade Demon King realm, a terrifying existence.”

Yu Province

Zuo Family

Kong Family

Ran Feng Monastery

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