Profound Feng Sect is one of the major sects in Qilian Residence. They have more than a hundred thousand disciples. Even the cultivation realm of their outer disciples has reached Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign. Once they reach Middle Void God Realm, they will become inner disciples.

Hundred Battle Ranking

Once every three months, we will have a sect contest. Every Time, there are some outer disciples that were able to enter the Hundred Battle Ranking which is quite honourable. Moreover, your stipend will also be raised to eighty Divine Origin stones. As new disciples, you will only receive fifty Divine Origin stones for your yearly stipend. Once you enter the Hundred Battle Ranking, you will also be considered as a celebrity amongst the external disciples.
The weakest cultivator who managed to enter the Hundred Battle Ranking was at the peak of Middle Void God Realm. The top fifty of, meanwhile, are all the experts at the Late Void God Realm. All of them are formidable. There are more than a hundred thousand external disciples. It is not easy to ascend the first hundred.

1.Yang Jian
2.Yan Cheng
4.Bai Yunfei
6.Xue Rengang
9.Tan Shanhe
69.Sui Zhenkai
77.Man Shuai
87.Xiong Yan

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